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Gutter cleaning tips, hints, and tricks

Cleaning your gutters is a necessary part of regular home maintenance. The only thing worse than not having rain gutters is having a rain gutter system that doesn’t function properly.  There are some things you can do to make the chore of gutter cleaning easier though.

Be prepared!

Make sure you have every thing you need to clean your gutters before you start! A ladder, hose, garbage bags, screw gun, screws,  extra gutter sealant, and a gutter scoop are all good things to have at the ready when you begin your gutter cleaning project.

Inspect your gutters!

When your cleaning your gutters it’s a perfect time to check for leaky mitres, loose straps, and downspout components that need your attention. the old saying “a stitch in time saves nine” really does apply here, the small amount of extra effort you spend could save you time and money if you end up with water in your basement.

Safety First!

It never pays to take chances when cleaning gutters. For most of us climbing ladders or working at the edge of a roof aren’t a part of our every day jobs. losing your balance and falling from a roof or ladder happens in an instant. There are no second chances. Sometimes its worth while to pay a professional to clean your gutters, its more than likely less than what a broken bone could cost you.

K style Rain Gutters

K style  gutters, also called ogee rain gutters are probably the most commonly installed rain gutters.   K style gutters are ideal for applications where a flat fascia has been installed but can also be applied with a hanging style gutter strap to accommodate a canted (slanted) fascia or a fascia with a crown molding installed.

K style gutters typically range in size from 4″ to 8″. (To determine a gutters size take a measurement of the opening across the top.) The most common size for a residential K style gutter is 5″ although 6″ K style gutter is becoming more and more popular as today’s modern roof lines require gutter that will handle a higher capacity of water.

As far as materials go, the most popular are. .032 aluminum is the most widely used for its lightweight, many colors, and ease of manufacture. Pre-finished galvanized steel is known for its strength and copper for its beauty and longevity.